Saturday, March 10, 2007

Our trade show seems to have been successful. We got a lot of cool leads and many of them international leads, so I could be on the road to foreign lands…yee ha.
Here are some pictures of our booth. If you have never been to a trade show then you won’t understand how many rules we have bent with this monstrosity, but generally there are rules as to how tall you can make a trade show booth, and as you can see ours is WAY too tall. But if add the height of a hanging sign and the height of the booth and add those measurements together, then you can see how we obeyed the letter of the law and not the intent.

Anywho, it was a good time and now I need to sleep a lot.

I also just completed some independent research on ebay.

I searched for the word Vagina and came up with 77 hits

I searched for Penis…1072 hits.

Proof that, size, shape, and endurance are a lot more important then women let on, and Men are WAY too insecure about their junk and will believe any which doctor with a “stay harder, grow longer, pump it up and make it bigger apparatus, pill, or cream…. Who in the hell is buying this shit?

Guys listen up;
If you shoot too fast, jerk off before you get there, no time, have a lot of foreplay.
If you have a small penis, learn to eat pussy really well.
If you are a bad lay, take dance lessons, that will help you find rhythm, and that is all you’ll need.
If a woman ever asks you “who do you think you’re going to please with that little thing?” Just reply “ “ME!”
If your woman tells you’re your thing is too small, stick it up her ass. That usually sends them shooting across the room like a cat on ice.

Women- Don’t lie, if we aren’t cutting the mustard like we should give us some guidance. Guys if your woman tells you want she wants you MUST listen and obey! They don’t do this when we ask what they want for their birthday of Christmas, so when they tell us what they want in the sex department..LISTEN AND OBEY!

Ok I got to go to bed and catch up on some more sleep.

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