Saturday, March 17, 2007


My KC St. Patty's parade review

So I’m watching the KC St. Patty’s Day parade on the local TV, and I cannot believe the hype on this pile of shit.

The Irish Museum of KC’s float was a fucking Honda CRV with green garland on it.


THE Irish Museum of KC and all they can come up with, is a fucking decorated Honda?

Then there was the all fat men band on a flat bed…At least they seemed drunk, which is more of an Irish tradition then a fucking Honda.

Then we came to the haunted house floats The Beast and Edge of Hell….SNAKES ON A PARADE!! I thought St Patty ran out all of the snakes? Do these super computers really not get that?

Oh and Brian Busby is an Idiot, he just said “People listened and showed up dressed.”

Showed up dressed? Well I fucking hope so, It is cold outside!

I just don’t get it, it is a bunch poop.

Some ass hat asked his girlfriend of 17 years to marry him…Fuck I heard about test driving before you buy but 17 fucking years? Yeah she wasn’t shocked. She should have been, maybe she should have been.

St Patty the balloon couldn’t stand up right, he was all fucked up drunk like a bastard.

The news anchors running the commentary are m0ore than likely sitting on an vibrating, turbo charged ass reaming butt plug to keep so excited about this thing called a parade.


Chick fucking fillet has a float. A flat bed covered with Holsteins with that stupid slogan”eat mor chikn” FOR FUCKS SAKE PUT SOME EFFORT INTO IT!

O’neil family , get a longer pole for that flag. That’s all I’m saying.

Holy crap some family float had the slogan “Snakes on a PLAIN” as in the great plains, wow that is tricky.

Scooby looks high a s bastard here! He is a little low on air, and he is all tipped over.

OH and the ren fair wenches just rlled by woth all of the boobage hanging out .LOVE THE REN FAIRE!

OK now the only reason the watch the parade has passed, and thank you Willie Arthur Smith and your Dancing Cobras! That little fella you have out front in tails! He was smoking with the moves!

And naturally a few floats down from these wonderful performers is Cricket, the Ghetto cell phone provider. Nice product placement.

So anyway I’m glad we can give drunk people something to watch down at crown center this morning and fuck up all of the traffic for block and hours, all for this big assed pile of shit we call a parade. So I’m going to go get drunk and start a fight, since that is the most Irish I’ll ever be.

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