Sunday, March 25, 2007


Deluge of Death...

Yes last week was hard on the Nightmare family and friends. We lost A dear family friend to cancer…loooonngg battle, but lot nonetheless, another family friend dropped dead of a heart attack, my first chiropractor, he was very old, he died, and finally my Great Aunt passed away. So I’m on my way to Holly Colorado, the drive is longer than the, the, well the whole fucking weekend. Anyway the silver lining is that two of my cousins came up pregnant, one married, one not, So more procreators filling the world with little people so us kid hating, party adults don’t have too.

Thank you.

Bouby and I are on a diet. Not just some weird “All the whip cream you can eat diet” but an actual meal plan, learn to eat right, take the vitamins, do some walking, BADA BING - Skinny! So I’m down 12 lbs in a week and Bouby is down 9. We haven’t got to the walking part,. But we are doing everything else by the book. And it seems to be working.

Just in case someone is keeping score, this is the 4th funeral I’ve been to in the last 8 months.

And I thought I wouldn’t get enough use out of my suit.

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