Thursday, March 29, 2007


The death continues...

Well the death toll continues to rise. This time however it is my lap top that has decided to die. I was sitting at work trying to catch up on Wednesday and lo and behold I catch a whiff of hot electronics…

“That’s weird” I think to myself., “I wonder where that is coming from?”

I touch the edge of the lap top, right above the AC plug and it is BLAZING HOT! I quickly unplug the AC cord, and burn my fingers. It was a 1000 degrees, and a wisp of smoke escaped from the AC connector plug on the lap top.

Now I have to figure out where the hell I’m going to get the money to get a new one. I hate credit cards, and I think I have no choice with this shit now. But thankfully Bouby gets cash back from the discover card!

So I have the utmost privilege of working from home until I can find the right lap top. I did have one picked out last night at circuit city, but they have joined my list of companies that don’t want to shop at. Here’s why.

Bouby and I had to help her Dad move a pile of brush before we went lap top shopping so I was dressed in my best redneckery, shorts and a tank top, it was 80 degrees out and I hate to be all sticky. So when we finally got to the store we were a dirty mess that smelld like we had been moving brush.

Well the lap tops are laid out on the first gondola, (shelf system to you lay people) as you walk into the store. We walk up to them and start looking at the assorted brands and what did what and with whom, as well as price. This is when I notice that there are a slew of red shirted worker bees all buzzing around their little sales counter, and as we continue to look I notice some of them looking at us and wandering off until the only guy standing there is the black shirt “guy in charge” of computers.

As he continues to ignore us we start getting louder and louder saying stuff like “I wonder if anyone works in this department” and “Jesus I would really like to buy a lap top today” We get no reaction, this little bastard just keep ignoring me and wandering around the department re-pricing stuff, and basically wandering around being useless.

So I finally walk over to his little “office” and bluntly ask “is this your department?” when he answers yes, I turn and start walking back to the lap tops…I glance over my shoulder and he isn’t sure what just happened he just knows that this wall walked up to him and spoke. As I glance over my shoulder I say “well c’mon I ain’t got all day!” Which snaps his little geek mind back into focus and he follows me .

I first ask him if there is any floor models in the back that don’t have Windows Vista on them that I can buy, because I don’t need an OS that sucks up the better part of a gig of RAM to run my lap top. I was then snottily informed that “No we don’t have any of THOSE in the store”

Ok strike two. I hate people who act snotty when they feel that they “know” the person based solely on their dress, or the way they smell….or the fact that if they choose they could crush your tiny little head and make a pate’ out of it.

So I look down and say “well then I guess I’ll take this one” And he says Ok., and walks back to this little sales kiosk, and says well we don’t have that one in stock, I can check a different store for you….oh Independence has one..Which is virtually on the other side of the planet from where I am standing, It is like you’re in San Francisco, and someone tells you that they have the missing item in their store in San Jose…. STILL the Bay area…however 2 hours away. I look at him and say Nope, if you don’t have I guess we’ll go to Best Buy.

But you all know that is bullshit, Best Buy is still a worthless sack of shit, and slowly but surely Circuit City is climbing its way to the spot just to the right hand of Best Buy.

Fucking cockslaves, I should have told him I saw his mother working the glory hole at the truck stop for nickels, and she was giving change…the whore.

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