Sunday, February 11, 2007



1 ) If you are a “Hands Talker” you shouldn’t use a cell phone and drive.

2) When mixing pain killers and booze, expect to dream and dream weirdly

3) I haven’t had a dream before last night in 9 months

4) Sleep is UNDERRATED…

5) MYSpace is almost as important as Linkedin

My work is starting to really bug me, I have a lot of opportunities, but no one is throwing the money at me so I stress out and the one project that I have going, the Big box people aren’t making decisions quick enough and that is making the schedule all FUBAR, which causes stress, and the people at my office like to make it sound like it is my fault, which is only in my head, they don’t mean to make it sound that way, but in my head, that is the way it sounds.

I need to invest more money so I don’t have to work. But to do that I need to make more money and fast, but in that case I need a job so I can make the money that will work for me…it is a more vicious circle then a cocaine addiction.

I need a nap.

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