Friday, February 16, 2007


Well Well Well.

Look who has fixed my glitch and failed to inform me!! FUCK OFF BLOGGER! I have contacted Pete, yet he is ignoring me. Personally I think it is because he doesn't want to let on how much he likes me. But in the mean time I will hope that Blooger will continue to let me in MY blogs!

So I was doing a lot of thinking while I couldn't write it down and I have come to the conclusion, I really don't have a lot to say about anything. I write stuff down that means nothing to nobody and I think some of it is funny but then again I started me and my brother laughing at my Grandpa's funeral by mouthing the words "you can't always get what you want..." So I know I'm going to hell. But I'll be in good company...

Just the other day this very religious guy and I got to telling Jesus Jokes securing our places down front by the fire.

Here are a couple.

Q: Why doesn't Jesus eat M&M's?
A: They fall through the holes

Jesus walks into an inn, hands the inn keeper 3 nails and asks "Can you put me up for the night?"

The head crucifier drives home the first two nails, looks down at Jesus and says " Cross your feet I only have one nail left"

Jesus is hanging on the cross, looks down into the crowd and says faintly, "John...John, come here I need you"
John pushes his way through the crowd and as he approaches the cross, he is grabbed by the guards and thrown back into the crowd.
Again Jesus says "John ...John come here I need you..." John busts through the crowd and makes it to the base of the cross before the guards grab him and throw him back into the milling crowd...Once more Jesus calls to John..."John, come here I need you..." John fight his way through the crowd and reaches the cross and as he is hugging the cross tightly he says "I am here Jesus, what can I do for you my Lord"
Jesus replies.."John,...John, I can see your house from here"

So yeah any of you that may have snickered...I'll see you in the burning flames of eternity....if you believe in that....Me I think Jesus loves a good joke and if you can't laugh at the people killing you who can you laugh at?

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