Monday, February 26, 2007


News, notes and naughty thoughts..

American Tourists kill mugger in Costa Rica.

Talk about your bad ideas…..

Apparently a group of thieves in San Jose Costa Rica, thought it was a good idea to try and mug some Americans when they ended up on the wrong side of the tracks. The mugger and his two buddies stopped a group of people and the dead man pulled a .38 out and demanded money, while the other two pulled their knives. Well one of the Americans was an Ex-Marine, and he didn’t want to part with his cash and prizes so, he snapped the guys neck. The other two ran away, slipping in their own fecal matter as they ran because they shit themselves.

Ok that last part I just made up, but they did get away. But I tell you that had me and my buddies tried to mug a guy and he killed my friend with his bare hands, I would shit myself as I ran away like a little girl.

Dateline Feb.22th Iran- Men free tourism island planned .

Since women are property in Iran, and they have some fucked up cultural ideas, it just seems right that they would make their women go on vacation separately. Since strict Islamic law prohibit women and men mixing socially in public the Iranian Tourism Board feels that a island get away for just the chicks is a good idea. Personally I think they are cutting their throats on this one.

If these women get together for weeks on end in a free and social arena where they can go hang out and play with just other girls, free of their male insisted clothing and wearing of the chandor (which means tent BTW), they are going to figure out real quick, that the Iranian men really AREN’T needed!

Is anyone else completely put off by this new woman crotch pad commercial that shows a rooftop water tower starting to leak and some skinny blonde jumps up and catches the entire contents of that tower in her drip tray?

That fucking cinematic clusterfuck freaks me right the fuck out. I mean I know there is a huge, market for squirrel towels and cotton ponies, but really, a whole water tower full? Who in the hell has a menstrual flow that would fill an entire water tower? I don’t think the human body holds that much liquid, shit, I’m pretty sure that if you lost that much blood you’d be dead.

AND the fucked up part is the fact that she puts that motherfucker BACK in her PURSE when she is done!


It is just wrong I tell you. Someone needs to stand up and scream ENOUGH!!

Congrats to Marty Scorsese, and Forrest Whittaker. They got the golden boy finally. I always knew that Forrest would win, I just thought it would be for his role as “Charles Jefferson” in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I mean that was a great performance.

I only watched the last 45 mins of the Oscars last night and Bouby and I both wondered the same thing at the end of the show…

Do you think Melissa Ethridge and her lover are gonna use Oscar as a new golden dildo?

Then we giggled.

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