Friday, February 23, 2007



You would not believe the nonsense I had to go through to get my fucking blog back from the man! Holy DIVER!! But it isn’t like I had time to jot anything down, the only reason I’m doing it now is because I can’t get on the network so I can do any work…. Yeah I’m good like that!

So anyway I’m headed off to another Trade show next weekend, and once again it is a clusterfuck and there isn’t a thing I can do to help. Besides buy the uniform and get the give away t-shirts for the silly people that come by and bother us. I think I’m going to steal a couple and give them away here. Maybe do a traveling photo shoot with one of these t-shirts, it is such a sick look. I’ll have to wait until after the show to let it out of the bag….

Today Is PAYDAY! And I’m excited because I’m getting my first “commission” after 5 years and a dozen big name clients they have finally come up with a scale pay to keep us salesmen interested, since we don’t and haven’t got raises or any other incentives since I got this job. But anywho I’m looking at a 6K payday today and then it’s off to the casino! Wishing me some luck! I’m kidding it is going into mutual funds and online banking…and no I don’t mean online gambling!

Peace out kiddos!

Oh and I did hear a new Jesus Joke, so just for the X-man here ya go!

Why did the blonde go to the catholic church?

wait for it...................

Because she heard there was a guy there who was hung like this;

I just received a endorsment from a friend of mine for a business executive website, here is what he wrote;
I have known Nightmare both personally and professionally for 20 years. He is a very creative, highly energetic "go getter" that loves new challenges. He brings to bear a highly effective, unique management style that is attracting fewer and fewer lawsuits each year. Whether it be back in the dorms when you could always stop by Nightmare's room for a semi-cold Meister Brau and a porn magazine, or today when you can stop by his house for a cold Michelob and see a midgets with animals DVD, the relationship with Nightmare is one I will cherish for years to come. I highly recommend Nightmare to anyone with high expectations for tangible results and mid-level expectations for moral standards.

I love my Friends!

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