Thursday, February 08, 2007


Burn Baby Burn!

Isn’t it funny that a box of chocolates can cause a melt down in people’s thinking, and bring about the thoughts of terrorists in downtown Kansas City, yet when a nation wide chemical plant burns to the ground less then 1.5 miles from office, there is nary a whisper of MAYBE, POSSIBLY this blaze could have been an act of terrorism?

I know I find it weird….

And I’m not saying that this was an act of terrorism, more than likely some one forgot to change the charcoal in the filters and the plant maintenance guy got to huffing the fumes of the paint thinner they make and lo and behold he inadvertently left a valve open somewhere and that was enough of a warning to get the staff out. Or some pipe broke because it is way to fucking cold. Anyway I just think it is extremely weird that people will think a small box left accidently is a cause for an escalation in the terror alert system.

Go fucking figure.

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