Monday, January 29, 2007


My head hurts, my feet stink and I don't love Jesus.....

I have clients coming in tomorrow.

I hate clients.

They are all a bunch of whinny, can’t make a decision even when you prove to them that is the best way to do anything, scared for their lives losers. And I don’t mean for anyone to take that personally, it is all a professional opinion. I’m sure that some of these people are really cool in their inner circle of friends, and relations. But as soon as they get to work all of their common sense flies right out of their asses and then they become the thirsty horse you can lead to water but refuses to drink because it might not be the right place to drink from, or maybe the water isn’t the right color or temperature even though you have explained to them that this water is just a place holder for the real water that will be forth coming in a river next week.

And so I have a headache. And my shoulders hurt because I’m all tensed up and stressed due to their inordinately large amount of questions that only they think sound like intelligent questions and to the rest of us sound a lot like a chimp throwing shit at a cage wall.

I really am trying to be more positive nowadays but I just can’t seem to get it done sometimes. I have this overwhelming urge to purge the stupid from this planet in the most heinous and grotesque way imaginable. Or at the very least slap them really hard every time they do something dumb.

I wish the Koreans would hurry up and drop some nukes and get this war of Armageddon started. If we had a good old fashioned thermonuclear war going on then none of us would have to work and all of this shit that people think is important would all disappear and the only thing left would be the importance of living and eating. I would not be a salesman of luxury things, I would be a hunter and gatherer that would help provide for my clan, tribe, or harem, or what ever the cool kids are calling nowadays. I know I have called for a wish to blow ourselves back to the single cell organism but maybe that is a stretch. I think the stone ages would be a better start. I can kill with a rock, I can stand at the river and swat fish, I know what plants are edible and how to grind stuff up with rocks, to make meal…hell I even know how to make alcohol…not that I would, with the world in chaos I think to relax I would grow weed….it’s just easier.

Shit. Phones ringing. More stupid people, must refrain from screaming….not working, I feel it slipping…ABORT ABORT!!

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