Tuesday, December 12, 2006


YAY!! THE RAIDERS....suck.


Yeah the Raiders lost, but I did pay for the whole trip at the casino on Saturday! Well I can’t say I did, WE did, Bouby hit for a 100+ and I walked with 250+ so she has a stack of hundreds to put back in the ING account, and I got some more Xmas money! But here are some pics of what was happening!

The Stadium….

The Jackasses who only wanted to look at the cheerleaders with their binoculars…and blocking the entire middle of the field…as you can see…..

Random pics of the warm ups….

BOOTSIE COLLINS!! He wrote and made a little hip hop ditty for the Bengals and their mascot “WHO DEY” yeah it is weird.

We were surprised at the crowd, both Bouby and I have been at Arrowhead Stadium, where the Chef’s call home and the difference between the two Arrowhead and Paul Brown stadium, is like the difference between watching polo and English soccer.

In Cincy, we had to whisper to each other when we were making fun of the people around us, and in Arrowhead, we would have had to scream to even come close to hearing what each other said. So we promised Mom and S that we would be bringing them to Arrowhead next year, so they could be exposed to real fans…I wanted to take them to Oakland, but for some reason, they don’t really want to have the Black hole fans raping and pillaging them…weird huh?

Anyway we had a blast and can’t wait until next year, there may be an out side chance we can go to the Kentucky Derby with the Mom and “S”…they got the MAD hook up! Plus they both own race horses….which is how I got the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!

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