Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Maybe I was wrong....

I was dialing the phone this morning, calling 911, when I decided to take another look. You see I was outside taking out the trash when I noticed a box. It was just sitting there and there was no one around.

I got nervous.

So I hurriedly stepped inside, and waited, I didn’t want to be like that woman in downtown KC who called in an unattended box of chocolates and the bomb squad, Haz-Mat team, police, and fire were all called out to make sure the box of chocolates were safe and Al Qaeda free. Well I certainly didn’t want to be that person, so I waited and peered out the window of the door.

I waited

And I waited

And I waited, I walked into the kitchen and grabbed the phone.

At this point I was getting scared, I went to the bed room and got my new toy…you know the one with the scope?... well I stood at the door and with pistol in one hand and the phone in the other and still I waited.

After all I blasted the people of KC for being foolish and I sure as hell didn’t want to eat crow. And then I put that poor soul on calling them all kinds of names and even showed people where his neighborhood was and if I was wrong and the Al Qaeda were starting a street box bombing operation here in the KC metro area, well I would certainly look like an even BIGGER asshole than usual…so I waited .

And I was nervously waiting and I was starting to dial when I noticed there was more than one box!!!

The street was covered with them.

Thank Fucking God! It was trash pick up day. I put the phone down and the pistol back in the safe, and went out to smoke a cigar…after all I was safe and sound here in the Midwest where we only blow up ourselves. Think Oklahoma City...

Well the big game in on for tomorrow, Nightmare’s Alma Mater VS NGD’s Alma Mater.

Guess who won’t get to see it???

That’s right ME!! It is on the NFL network and as much as I love the NFL network, I would have to switch to DISH network to receive it. You see the NFL network wants to charge Time Warner TWICE as much to carry the channel as it charges all of the small cable carriers and the other satellite carriers. So it isn’t available in my area due to some fucked up politics. It looks like I am off to a bar for at least a little while.

Oh and NGD and I have a little side bet going REAL NJ bagels against my KC BBQ sauce.

We’ll let you all know who is enjoying what…I mean I’ll show you pictures of me enjoying my bagels. GO WILDCATS!!

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