Friday, December 08, 2006


Leaving on a Jet Plane....

We are off like a prom dress!

Making like a tree, and leaving

We’re like a baby because we’re heading out!

That’s right we are off to my Mom’s place in Indiana for the weekend, and then the Bengal’s/Raiders game. Bouby is at home doing laundry and packing more clothes then we can wear in a month, Just in case she wants to wear something she may have forgot she doesn’t leave anything behind. She packs up the whole closet and bathroom, and then makes me put stuff in my suitcase for her. I on the other hand pack 4 shirts, two pants, 4 pr, socks and 4 underroos, oh and a little bag full of travel size cologne, deodorant, tooth paste, etc, etc. it all fits into a backpack…well it could if I didn’t have to back ½ of her shit!

Ok I’m lying, she doesn’t do any of that we pack one suitcase together and then take our electronics on the plane and that is it.

But we are off to the land of basketball and some sort of farming, the last time we got to go visit dear old mum, we went to the Kentucky Derby, box seats, had to wear a tie and a funny hat. Still was very fun.

So have a groovy weekend and I’ll have pictures and stories later!

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