Friday, December 29, 2006


Kansas State STILL rocks!...the cradle g'nite baby...

Apparently, with the Kansas State Wildcats losing last night my sexuality changed. This will come as quite the shock to Bouby and several old girlfriends…to finally know I’m a Faggot. That’s right with the 37-10 drubbing at the hands of Rutgers University 39 years of heterosexuality went right out the window, so bring me some cock and find me a glory hole to sit in I’ve got some catching up to do. Not to mention heading over to Arthur Bryants and pick up a bottle of sauce for that empty sack having ass monkey NGD

But a bet’s a bet and an asshole is an asshole.

That game was so hard to watch and yes I did get to watch it in the confines of my own home, it seems that The NFL Network was kind enough to give a free week to home towns and cable companies around the home towns of colleges playing in bowl games, so until Saturday night 8 EST, we have the NFL Network…why Saturday night at 8 EST? Well there is an NFL game coming on the NFL channel and god forbid you entice the people that you’re screwing out of the good stuff with a “this is how we do it right” showing of a football game, so turn that fucker off and let me have my Madden moment, fucking dumb asses.

So other than that I had my two week check up on my knee….I asked “how soon until I get full range of motion back?”
Dr. : “Oh never”
Me; Really?? So this is all the further I will be able to bend it forever? As I demonstrate until I start weeping.
Dr.: “well no, you will get some of that back, it will just take a while”
Me: “so what can I do?”
Dr.: “ Well no deep knee bends, or squats, or jogging..(yeah like I was a big jogger before)
Me: “ So I shouldn’t go back into power lifting then either huh?”
Dr.: “Well that is up to you but I wouldn’t recommend it you have NO cushion inside of your knee any more, here is the picture of the cartilage ripped and folded over on itself, and here is the same picture 20 minutes later, notice the gaping have nothing!! So stop fucking with me and let me pull your stitches!

Ok he didn’t say that last part, except the missing cartilage part that is true. Where I once had painful broken padding, I now have wide open spaces. So no waxing the floors Mr. Miagi-san

My older brother who is now working with me, or at least at the same company again, gave me a ham from one of our vendors. I didn't look at it too closely, I mean it was a fucking ham for god's sake.

Well I tried to give it away to the relatives, both sets and they didn't want it, they had enough food, So I take it home to cook and freeze if I have to.

Well I don't know who fucking thought that trying to bring back the good old days before we had refridgeration was a good idea but I can tell you it plain ass sucks! I should have just thrown the fucking thing into the river.

The Instructions to cook the "Sugarland Ham, Sugar cured for maximum flavor" start with the words.."It is natural for a dry cured ham to be covered with some mold"


"To remove this wash with a stiff bristle brush under running water..."


"Then if baking, submerge the ham in water and let soak for 12-24 hours"

You have got to be fucking kidding me!! First this thing was 15.8 LBS, that is one big assed hog leg, and second, I don't have a bucket big enough to soak a 15LB ham in. I tried the sink, but I have a slow leak in the stopper, so after refilling the sink 1.9 gigatimes, I gave up and put the bitch in a big bowl and covered it with a tea-towel to keep it moist.

Does the fun stop there? NOOOOO! The next day when I got off of work I read further down on the instructions to find baking times...250 degrees at 20-25 minutes PER POUND! So since it was 5:00pm we would be eating dinner around 10pm...wait what's that? After it is done baking, I am to pull it out get it out of the pan and cut the fat and skin off!! THEN they are suggusting I glaze it and brown the ham at 375 for 20 minutes...So dinner would be around's not a fucking ham it is a science experiment!

Needless to say I have about 12 LBS of ham in my fridge that I will more that like be eating for a month. AND as a bonus feature the whole house smells like hot hogs ass, I mean it stinks like no other ham I have ever smelled in my life!

So not a good idea, unless you're Amish or triple dog dared.

I also have a wonderful new favorite to show everyone, please take a second and go here, and the head over to Joe’s Place and read about his close encounter with a 15 year old trollop…I’m sure she is legal now though.

Have a happy New Year and NO GOOD DADDY….Checks in the male.

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