Friday, December 22, 2006


I see Dumb people

Remeber DUMB is FOREVER!

Well I didn’t think I would have something to say already but thankfully the citizens of Kansas City have given me a yet again, some stupidity to rant on.

Yesterday someone in KC spotted a brown box on a newspaper machine and since no one was around it naturally thought Al Qaeda was involved.

So they call 911

Yes a small brown box had 911 called on it because it was left unattended in downtown KC. The police, Haz-Mat team, and the bomb squad, all responded to take down the suspious box.

Now on their behalf I must say it was addressed to the president of UMB bank, and since I bank there, I know there are times when I would have liked to cause bodily harm to some of the employees, but I would have done so with a little more personal weaponry, say a knife, or a busted beer bottle , something that would allow me to see the look in their eyes and that they would know EXACTLY whose account they had fucked up yet again. But a bomb? Or a box of anthrax? No. not MY style.

But I digress. So the entire area was cordoned off and the men in the padded suits came in and made sure that the box in question wasn’t leaking radioactive waste, or ticking, or if it even smelled like noxious fumes. I’m guessing that it cost the tax payers about $25,000 or more to have this box examined by the experts and then carefully diffused.

It was a box of $14 chocolates.

Someone was giving a gift of chocolates to the president of UMB. It is now one of the most expensive boxes of chocolates.


Regardless of the unnatural love you have for the KC metro area, and the Plaza, IT IS NOT ON THE TOP 100 PLACES THAT AL QAEDA WANTS TO BOMB! There is no way that this stupid one horsed, losing base ball team, choking football team, no culture having pony show of a town is even on the remote radar of the terrorist nation. Stop panicking! Your stupid little slice of heaven has never been more secure. Do you think that out of all of the places that represent the way we Americans use our freedoms, like Disneyland, or Broadway in NY, or even the Golden Gate Bridge, that the American royal Rodeo even holds a birthday sized candle to them?

Fuck off!

Stop wasting our tax dollars on your stupid fears. WAKE THE FUCK UP AND REALIZE YOUR LIFE IN KCD IS SAFE…unless you are black and live on prospect, then you are busy shooting each other on a daily basis. I wish people would get as concerned with the fact that none of my temps knew who Winston Churchill was and call the cops on poor education in the metro area, instead of thinking that a box of fucking chocolates are a fucking bomb!


Fucking white people.

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