Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I like it! I love it! I WANT SOME MORE OF IT!

I have never been one to listen to too many of the doctor’s whiny post procedure instructions and this time is no exception. After the surgery I woke up and was almost instantly ready to leave. But they have this stupid rule that keeps you there for at least an hour after you’re awake. So I had to sit around and wonder if everything was going to be ok or what.

The doctor was supposed to come in and tell me how cool everything went and how I’m not supposed to be putting any weight on it for the first 24 hours and some exercises that I should be doing and so forth and so on….guess what? HE NEVER SHOWED!!

It is a good thing I had been through all of this shit before.

So it has been four days since I was poked and prodded and grinded, and cut on and the swelling and discoloration has started to appear. Look at the cool photos!

So We are almost ready to start our annual Christmas road trip, Since we have so many families we spend almost as much time on the road as we do at any one house. But at least all of the shopping is done and I can’t wait to see the look on my Dad’s face when he sees the black hooker with 48DD’s I rented him so he could get his ghetto booty on!!

Ok I was just seeing if you were paying attention. But it would be pretty fucking funny to watch some 70+ old white guy walk into a room with a huge black hooker wanting him to throw it to her hard!

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