Sunday, November 19, 2006


Worst Buy

We bought a new refrigerator 3 weeks ago. It was a great deal!! We bought it from what we have begin calling “Worst Buy”. Here is the saga of “Customer Service…what not to do”.

We bought the refrigerator on a Sunday, it would be delivered on a Wednesday, the delivery people would call us and set up a time the would be convenient for us to receive it.

We loved it! It is a stainless steel freezer on bottom, 20 cubic foot Samsung fridge, with an ice maker. We bout it because we A) needed a new one, and B) it was a scratch and dent floor model and was marked down a couple of hundred bucks. It is perfect for us.

The trauma starts on Tuesday of the same week, I get a call from the delivery people and Mark tells me that he will be delivering the fridge to my house between 10:00 am and noon, Wednesday.

“Mark, that is impossible for me or my girlfriend, we are at work, and we will not be able to meet you there, we need this to be delivered between the hours of 4 and 6 pm.”

“well that isn’t going to happen sir”

“Why not? The salesperson told us that it wouldn’t be a problem to get this delivered between 4pm and 6pm since we both have jobs that are at least 30 minutes away”

“The salesperson lied, I don’t know why they do that, they know that We can’t accommodate anyone with a schedule”

So following a 10 minute lecture on customer service I called Bouby and told her the story of how Worst Buy has no decent customer service, and asked if she would be able take a ½ day and receive the fridge. Naturally when forced to either get the new fridge or wait an indeterminate amount of time for them to fit into our schedule, she agreed to be there for the delivery.

So we got the fridge and life was groovy.

Right up to and until it wouldn’t make ice.

We called for the service guys to come out and fix the damn thing. Well guess what? They pulled the same shit, they called and said “We’re on the way!” Bouby replied, well too fucking bad because we are both at work you will have to come out on Saturday”

They agreed, and told us they would call us between 7am and 9am to let us know when they will be here. This we can deal with because we didn’t have to work on Saturday, so Ronny the service retard came out and spent 20 min fiddling with the freezer. It needs a part he says, an evaporation motor and he knows that there aren’t any in the warehouse so he will order one and it will be a couple of days for the parts to get here and we’ll be shitting in tall cotton.

So we wait a couple of days and we hear nothing, we wait a couple of more days and there is still no word so we call up the service people and find out that NO PARTS were ordered and we weren’t even on the schedule for the next Saturday repairs. So we get a little pissed and start explaining loudly how drunks need ice for cocktails, and they better get on the ball.

So fast forward to last Thursday 2 ¾ weeks after we bought the fucking thing, and we call to confirm that the service dorks would be calling us and setting up a time. Yes they said, they would be calling us and fixing our fridge.

Saturday morning I get a call on the house phone, which is a bad start since we told them repeatedly to call Bouby’s cell phone since that is a much more reliable way to get a hold of us, and the new service tech is all set to come out and look at our fridge, I ask “Look at it?” You mean bring the part and fix it right?

“Ummm I don’t have any record of any parts being needed”


Bouby hears my rage and anger and bolts out of bed and comes into the front room and takes the phone from me so I won’t stroke out and die from the seething rage that is oozing from my skin like a bad case Ebola. She comes back in and tells me that Liles is calling the other techs and looking for the part we need.

So now we are both wide awake and I’m pissed and we call corporate and start asking the main service people what happened to our parts and according to their computers the service guy had ordered the parts and that they we in the hands of the repairman.


We call the service guy back and tell him what we found out.

He tells us that our info is wrong, and that we don’t have parts.

So we call back to Minneapolis and get a different phone whore, and she tells us that yes Miles’ info is correct we have no parts.

Now miles calls back during this chat and tells us that the retarded repairman does have the parts all he needs to do is find him and get the parts and he’ll be right over. We tell him what we find out and he is very confused. So we ask to speak to the service manager and Miles tells us he’ll get a hold of him and have him call us with in 10 mins!!

We are still waiting on that call.

In the mean time Bouby has lost all patience for dealing with these colossal ass pipes and has turned the screaming back over to me. I gladly accept I am still harboring some residual anger from last weeks temp fuck up. So I call the store we bought the thing from and get Eric the “Manager of the entire store at this time” on the phone. Now Eric is helpful, after I scream at him and let him know exactly how fucking pissed I am about his stores lack of comprehensive information sharing and horrible service people, he goes to check on what he can do in the way of getting us a comparable fridge from the warehouse as a complete swap.

NOW we’re getting somewhere.

He calls back and tells us he found one and we need to come look at it so we can approve it in person. I tell him we’ll be there in the hour. When we get to the store I’m so mad that I almost run down a family of four who were just standing there minding their own business…IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WALK WAY!!! (if you are one of these people who just loiter about with no shopping agenda stay fucking home or I will plow you over and make you cry!) SO We get back to the appliances and lo and behold there is the fridge that we looked at before we bought the steaming pile of broken that we now have, it is bigger, better shelves, yet NO ICE MAKER!! Eric has failed. SO we spend 2 fucking hours in Worst buy arguing with them on how they are going to make me happy and we finally settle on a the fridge that he showed us, BUT they will put in an ice maker, and deliver it on Tuesday. An equal swap, no money will change hands. They bring the new one, and take the old one away.

Now during the check out process, Eric explains that since we bought an out of box appliance, and got a $90 gift card, and we are returning that appliance, the gift card is void.

I lose my fucking mind and ask Eric, HOW IN THE FUCK DOES THAT MAKE IT EQUAL SWAP?!

“well see here you are getting a bigger more expensive fridge, and there is the $90 dollar difference”

“Show me how that makes it equal, I’m still losing $90 bucks”

So Eric whips out his pencil and starts showing me different numbers and how my losing $90 is an equal swap”

“Well Eric I see what you are trying to explain, so let me explain why that is wrong, See I bought this fridge for this price, and you’re going to give me the new one as an equal swap and then VOID $90.00 worth of future purchases. SO IT IS COSTING ME $90 BUCKS FOR AN EQUAL SWAP??? THAT MEANS IT ISN'T AN EQUAL FUCKING SWAP!!”
I glance around and see that I’m bristling and scaring the regular people and Eric has lost a little color in his face and neck area, so I lean in and whisper “Look just make the fucking old fridge disappear and the new one WITH ice maker installed appear and I will never bother you fine people again.

He fetches a clerk and we begin the paper work, as soon as Eric is out of ear shot the young lady whispers to me to not worry about the card, she is taking care of it and we’ll still have a $90 dollar credit at Worst Buy.

So my new fridge should be here on Tuesday.

And to think that I work with Worst Buy on a daily basis at the vendor level and this is the type of treatment I get, I feel sorry for the regular people they must get ripped off all the time by these Cocksucking Doorknobs.

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