Tuesday, November 21, 2006


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My perspective on life has been confused as of late and last night it was abruptly snapped back into place.

I have been going on and on about how crappy my job is and how much bullshit I have had to endure over the last 2.5 months, and how poor temps are dumb, and blah blah blah.

None of this actually matters in the big picture of life. Yes if I didn’t do a good job I might be looking for a new job during the holidays, but really that wouldn’t be the first time I have done that. But last night really made me open my eyes as to how fucking lame my bitching about my life holds no water compared to others.

Every year the volunteer organization that I belong to adopts 2-5 families in need to provide a full blown Thanksgiving meal for them. We don’t do it on a larger scale because frankly we don’t have the man power to do so, and we like to stay local and under the radar.

Last night was the delivery date for the meals. We spent all weekend shopping and organizing baskets and canvas bags full of everything that a family might need to have a great Thanksgiving dinner. We met at another members house and got the food divvied up and picked our families based on vehicle size and location.


I do not suffer from an incurable disease.
I do not have any tumors.
I have never needed an organ transplant.
I have always had a job.
My car runs, even my old truck runs so I can get a job/go to work/pay my bills.

Yeah so all of my bitching where as it seemed justifiable just 24 hours ago, seems pretty petty right now.

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