Thursday, November 16, 2006


THIS IS THE END....the end my friend....(More singing)

The end is Nigh!

I have today and tomorrow and I will be done with the cat herding.

Yesterday I was in a shitty mood. None of the crack addled, welfare taking, should have been aborted in the 96 trimester, temps were working as fast as they should and it made me mad. I had to tell them all of the things that I have been telling them for the last 12 weeks and I got to the end of my rope. I didn’t tell them to hurry up, I just watched and ignored them for the most part, but I was seething inside. So when they left at 4:30, because hey 7.5 hours is a full work day for those lazy bastards, I gathered up the “Friends and Family” temps, or people that were sent to us by current full time employees and most of them I wouldn’t mind working with on a fulltime basis and asked them if the temp service people were still needed and I received a resounding NO!!

So I fired them all.

I had the assistant to the COO call the tempo service and cancel the entire contract. There was shock in the woman’s voice, I’m told, buy I’m sure that I will need to tell a bunch of them to go home, because they tend to not answer the phone when she calls in hopes of coming to the job and getting a chance to work anyway, or at least stand there and look stupid for 7.5 hours and get paid for it.

So I will finish with the 6 people I have left and save the company a ton of money.

But my tale doesn’t end there.

After I fired all of the temps I gathered the leftovers and was trying to give them a demonstration of how I wanted to proceed with the next part of the project, and yes I was yelling, and yes it was because they weren’t paying attention to what I was trying to show them and I yelled at this one guy directly and told him to “Fucking stop trying to work ahead and fucking pay attention to the WHOLE demonstration before you start because you HAVE no fucking clue what I am going to do and I don’t want to repeat myself” well he started pouting. And since I obviously was only talking to him, one of the other fucktards starting working ahead, and I had to say “GODDAMNIT!! I said stop fucking around and pay fucking attention to the demonstration and watch what I’m doing unti I’m fucking down!!”

Well apparently Randy, The first retard in the mix, didn’t like to be cussed at because he said “That’s it I’m outta here, I don’t need to be cussed at I’m a grown man, and you can’t talk to me that way”

I replied “fine pack your shit and get the fuck out”

“I’m a grown man and I don’t have to be cussed at, you don’t have to cuss at me.”

“Then act like it! And I do have to cuss to get my point across because you obviously don’t understand unless I do or you wouldn’t have started before I told you to.”

Well I’m going to talk to “P” first (Our HR Lady) .

“If you’re not working you’re loitering and we don’t allow loitering on our campus”

“I’m gonna talk to “P” first”


[To the group standing there slack jawed and bug eyed] ANYONE ELSE NOT WANT TO FUCKING WORK?

(chirp chirp chirp)

“Fine let me continue”

I finish the demonstration, and not 3 minutes after I get done, one of the “sharper” people in the group starts doing EXACTLY the opposite of what I asked them to do and showed them in painstakingly mind numbing detail.

I fucking SNAP!!

“This is what I’m talking about!! I just asked if everyone understood what I was doing and I fucking showed you how to do it and you still can’t get the shit right!!! What the fuck is the matter with you??”

(chirp chirp chirp)

“Let me show you once again how I fucking what shit done!!”

They got it that time, so now I’m down to 5 people and two days and then a vacation.

The End


Fucking waste of air, cocksucking doorknobs.

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