Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Hollow ween............

So Halloween was a bust.

I had a Dr.’s appt at 2:30 to get my knee looked at and it was a Dr. that was recommended to me by a co-worker, but after waiting in his stinking waiting room for an hour and a half, and then having him look at my knee for 3.5 seconds and dismiss ALL of the information that I KNOW about my knee since I have been the proud owner of this knee for 39 years and know a thing or three abut the fucker. But hey he went to med school not charm school and he did send me for a MRI.

The MRI was scheduled for the same day….yes they are that quick, at get this 6:45pm. So who in their right mind opens a all night MRI place? Someone smarter than me because I wasn’t the only one out there, but the dumb bitch in front of me was late and I was early I got fisted and had to wait on her to get her shit magnetized so I didn’t get my shit started until 7:15, I was done at 8, and got the films and came home, by the time we got home it was 8:30 and I was exhausted. So I had zero fun, no trick or treaters, and we have a whole box of full size candy bars.

Well on second thought that probably isn’t too bad.


After looking at a fistful of MRI films I can see that yes, I am correct and all of the cartilage is basically shredded and floating around causing my knee to hurt and swell and that there is TWO yes TWO points of bone on bone contact JUST LIKE I SAID!! And that YES (You stupid non listening to the patient doctor) there is good cause to scope the knee and get all of the “crab meat” out and then refill the hole with new fluid called “Supartz” that acts as a lube for the joint and makes the pain stop. Supposedly.

But what do I fucking know I’m just a dumb patient.

oH and I’m too fat. Even though I have lost 43 lbs now and NONE of my pants will stay up even with a belt. Which I suppose is a good thing except that I JUST gave all of my skinny pants to the good will and now I will have to go buy some more. So I can out grow them again. That is the fun part, getting fat. It just sucks trying to meet the standards of the rest of the world who thinks we all need to be tiny skinny little pansies.

But the Dr. told me that I was too heavy and it wouldn’t be a good thing on any knee to be a fat guy. But that again, he also didn’t listen to what I was saying and I am right about all of that so I’m thinking “fuck him that douche bag ass hammer cock bite”

Can you feel the love here?

I’m still doing the project management shit and will be for the next two weeks or so. And I told them that that was the end, and they could do that last job with the shop and not me and my team of retards.

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