Sunday, November 12, 2006


Buckets of dumb with a side of stupid

Here is how lucky I am lately.

Last week bought a new refrigerator, $900 + change, it was delivered after a heated discussion about how the sales guy told me that the delivery guys would work with me on delivery times and that was wrong it was their time or no time, got the damn thing delivered, hooked up, ice maker doesn’t work. Call service guy to come take a look, takes two days and more phone calls, and again their schedule, they come out on Saturday. It needs parts that they don’t have on hand. I’m without ice for a couple of days.

That has been going on 2 weeks now since purchase and still no ice.

On Saturday I bought a new (to me) car, a 1999 Ford Explorer $2000, as I was trying to drive away, they guy tells me “Oh by the way I have had a lot of trouble keeping it running, it won’t idle”

I had already gave him the check, he is a friend of my brothers, I let it slide. I can’t drive my new car because it won’t stay started, spent all day today messing around with different parts and buying a bunch of shit to try and make this works all the while waiting on Bouby’s redneck friend to come home from hunting and tell me what EXACTLY is wrong with the damn thing and he doesn’t call until the parts store is closed, and yes he did know exactly what is wrong and it is a 10 minute fix, and an $80 dollar part.

I have been shanghaied into two more weeks of cat herding and I hate them all. I have never met a lazier group of people in my life! Temps, well at least the ones I get, are retarded, (No one knew who Winston Churchill was), and they all wan tto talk and sit around and expect me to pay them for doing it. I am seriously considering joining their work force, just so I can stop worrying about doing a quality job, or caring what I do for a living, just as long as I can get my welfare check and some spending crack money I’ll be set for a long time.

Fucking metric ass load of dumb.

It is now 9:00pm Sunday night and we just got back from the parts store...

That little feller that Bouby knows told us we could clean the Idle Air Control Valve, and it would more than likely solve all of our problems…guess what? IT DID!!

Nighty has a new ride!!

And it is pretty cool to me!

I’m Smiling!

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