Friday, October 13, 2006


Weight loss the old fashion way...

The Work Diet plan!

Stop sitting at your desk, couple it with the added stress of managing temp help and no time for lunch and snacking, as well as walking 200+miles a day and VIOLIA…-37 lbs!

That’s right in the 4-5 short weeks of constant motion and stress, I have dropped 37 lbs, I am wearing jeans that I haven’t had on for three years with no need for a belt! I’m pretty happy about this but I still have the headache to mach a much fatter man.

I also know that losing 37lbs to me is like throwing a brief case off the Titanic, but still I’M IN MUCH SMALLER PANTS!!

So Raiders still suck the Wildcats suck, my job is more than a headache than I want, and Temps are globally stupid. Other than that it is a perfect world and all is right with the universe.

Coffee is ready and the temps are starting to show up and annoy me, so I’m off to the land of delusional ghetto life and kiosk building. The roll out for the nrew Radio Shack kiosks is Monday, so go visit you local store and tell me how cool the Sirius display is next week!!

Oh and I think I’m taking my new camera back, I don’t like the slowness of the shutter, and focusing. I will need to upgrade to a SLR I think. Which is a Bazillion dollars more, and much larger than I want, but with all of the stuff I want on it.


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