Monday, October 16, 2006


Monday, Monday....(insert musical note to show I was singing)

Oh sweet Monday, has there ever been a day more sweeter then Monday?

Yeah right.

My weekend was cut short by having to work yet again on Saturday, but I did manage to get a ton of shit done as well as my haircut, so I’m now 63.2% sexier then I was last week.

I know it will be hard to keep my hands off of me.

I have had to start wearing belts and underwear again. Not because they are stylish or comfortable, but because if I don’t then my pants fall off and my tiny pee pee gets exposed to the elements, and believe you me NO one wants to see that. So I endure.

I bought new underwear a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say, underwear has came a long way since I stopped wearing them in the late 80’s. Not that designs have changed much, but they seem to be making them out of super soft and snuggly material that rubs me in all the right places.

Yeah I’m sure that this is exactly what you wanted to hear. “Fat guy likes underwear because they feel groovy”! Well who would have known? I mean the last pair I had were tighty whiteys and they preformed their function, you know support and cleanliness, to a perfect tee, but they just weren’t comfy. I did have a girlfriend who once bought me a pair that were called “The Pouch”, they were boxer briefs, (which is the style I prefer now) and they had extra room in the junk area, and WOW those were great. I wore them until my unit was no longer supported by the waist band (which was all that was left), but I can’t seem to find those in the stores anymore. I wonder if they stopped making them.

Anyway, I have about 10 more days of temp wrangling, well that is until they find something else cool out about me and force me into doing more of this shit that I hate, and I will be in Indianapolis this weekend to visit my Million dollar client, we have a Friday meeting, BUT then I get to see my Mom!! I’m pretty excited! Since she has moved to “the Knob” in Indiana, I don’t get to commune with her much. So I made my plane ride last a bit longer so I can spend the weekend with her and her friends. It should be pretty fun.

And now I can hear the temps starting to break things downstairs so I should go monitor them, otherwise they could hurt themselves with the Styrofoam packing material or miscellaneous cardboard boxes.

Oakland Raiders still suck, Kansas State Wildcats still suck, and there needs top be more skin on TV!

Peas in your Hood!

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