Sunday, October 29, 2006


IKEA Is cool even if you're DEAD!

SO I’m surfing the net looking at a couple of different websites that help me find customers as well as give me design ideas for current customers. One of these websites is Springwise, it is very cool and shows you new innovations from around the globe. And generally gives you websites so if it is something that you really want you can have UPS deliver it to your front door. Here is a Dutch product that I think is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

EveryBody Special is a new, low-cost wooden coffin created to meet extreme demand during emergency situations.

Designed by Dutch EveryBody Coffins, the EveryBody Special is a modular coffin that's extremely easy to assemble. No tools, nails or screws are required – the pieces just click together. The standard material used is 12 mm multilayered wood, and more environmentally friendly options are also available.

Since they're lightweight and packaged in flat-packs (Ikea-style), transporting EveryBody coffins is very cost efficient: up to 570 extra large (XL) caskets fit into a 20 foot container. Combined with their easy assembly, this makes the coffins highly suitable for burial and cremation in disaster areas and epidemic situations. The company hopes to offer a more dignified, humane alternative to plastic body bags that are often the only option when large-scale disaster strikes.

Besides selling to governmental and aid organisations, EveryBody is also offering its product to commercial distributors in those regions where consumers will welcome a low-cost alternative to expensive caskets. As we've pointed out before, everything can be reinvented!


I can’t wait to die now so I can have all of my friends and family spend some quality time together so they can assemble my final resting place. IKEA for the afterlife.

This possibly could be one of the signs of the apocalypse.

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