Sunday, October 08, 2006


Crap...Abort countdown

My position of Temp Wrangler, the Cat herder, is not over.

I was a bit premature in being excited about not being a project manager. It looks as if I will be a project manager AND a salesman for the next three weeks. I will also be kept on a different pay scale so I won’t be complaining about the job just that ass hammers and twat sickles that I am being forced to work with.

My meeting in Minneapolis wasn’t a complete success. It was a good meeting but naturally no one listens to the fat guy. When I expressed concerns about not following the guidelines set by the retailer for fixtures and colors and fonts used, did I get listened to and lauded over because I knew what the fuck I was talking about?


Did I get shhhushed and told not to worry that we will try and “bend, or press” those guidelines, because they want our product as much as we want our product in their stores.


So when the 400 pound Gorilla of a retailer saw our beautiful display they said things like” I love what you are doing with the lifestyle graphics, but no, that won’t be on the sales floor of our stores” and “Oh yes it does look like your companies colors, and we like that but when you get your own store you can keep those colors”.

So does it feel good for me to be right yet once again?


Does it piss me off because had they listened to me 6 weeks ago and did all of the things that I wanted to do, and that the retailer explained to us that it was the right way to do things, and that they want to see all of their vendors bend over and get fisted because their names are on the outside of the fucking stores and the DON’T really need my clients because there are 30-40 other people with similar products lined up and waiting to become vendors.

Yes, yes it does piss me off. Now we have to start somewhat over, but we also have the right guidelines, (the same ones I questioned 6 weeks ago) so we will be able to get a yes at the next meeting.

I also found out that my commission is not going to be 7%. It is going to be more like 1% or .5% . Basically if I sell a million dollar deal, I get 20K, if I sell 1.2 Million I get 25K and so on and so forth.

Bouby doesn’t believe I will see a dime of any commissions due to the fact that I haven’t seen a bonus or a raise in the first four years of my employment regardless of what I was doing for the company and where they decided to send me. Not to mention as being the only salesman left who actually sold something. She could be right but I like to give the benefit of the doubt to them and hope that they will see the error of their ways and if not I still have a couple of other irons in the fire and am just waiting to use them as a spring board to something new and exciting.

So in short, I will be making more money for another month, I will also have the headaches of temp labor, deadlines, lack of support from the head office and having to sell my million dollar clients during my lunch time.

I blew a ton of money at the casino last Saturday, but it was worth it because we had fun and the drinks were cheap.

I also spent an exuberant amount of money at Costco since I wanted a new camera. I bought a new Pentax Optio S7. It is a TINY TINY little 7mega pixel point and shoot digital. Well not exactly point and shoot I can do all kinds of groovy things with it , but it is certainly not as cool as my 35mm Minolta film camera. But I like it and I will be posting better quality pics just as soon as I take some. It also fits into my old Motorola Razr phone belt holder…which is pretty cool.

So here are a couple of pics I took while sitting around on the couch watching football.

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