Sunday, October 22, 2006


Anger and why I need it...

Where to begin….

I have been once again mired in the horrible stress of work and the mean shit that causes me to be a huge asshole at work and to people who are too dumb to know they are that dumb, so I feel depressed because I taunt the stupid, and they don’t know any better, because, hey lets face it they are stupid.

So I tend to get depressed and frustrated at stupid people and in-efficiency and that is what I focus on. I concentrate so hard on how much those people and that kind of shit makes me angry enough to eat nails and shit barbed wire, that I can’t see anything else and my work anger overtakes my normal day to day anger and that is what I use to keep myself warm at night.

For instance I’m currently watching a movie with my Mom in a motel room in Indianapolis and since I haven’t been to work in two days I have no anger to help fuel my regular rants. I have nothing mean to say about anything, anyone, anywhere……nothing.

So here is a happy rant.

You know what I really like? Love stories, sappy. cry because you’re happy, love stories. I like the movie “The Notebook”, I also like “Steel Magnolias” and Fried Green Tomatoes. They are classic feel good movies that make the heart soar and hurt all at the same time. There is no explosions, fire trucks, guns, hookers, just good writing and nice drama. I like that.

I know that these are classified as chick flicks, and that guys aren’t supposed to like but I do anyway. I am completely secure in my sexuality so I can say those touchy feely movies are good movies regardless of what the macho cock suckers who secretly want to blow each other say.

Hey there is a little bit of the old anger….

Guys who think because you like something that isn’t traditionally male, or testosterone driven is gay. More than likely those same guys are the ones keeping the gay porn industry alive, not to mention a line at the I-70 rest stop glory hole. Fucking closet homos! Stop beating your wife and kids because you can’t handle what people say when you go back to work with your breath stinking of strange man juice.

Whew I feel much better now.

Another thing I hate, Man hating lesbians. It is not MY fault that I have a built on cock and you have to buy yours with straps. Stop trying to stare me down and make me feel bad. I will stomp your ugly man looking face in if you try that pseudo man attitude on me. I am a man, you want to be a man, I have been taking hormones for 39 years via my nut sack, you have been shooting testosterone into your ass with a needle for 6 months. I will beat you like a rented mule. BACK FUCKING OFF!

Foreigners in airports- Stop being mad. You are the reason that we have lines, and less freedom in the airport. Had you decided that those same crazy sand fleas that are keeping the war alive and killing innocent and solider alike were worth killing YEARS ago, then we wouldn’t have had to do it now under the guise of an oil war.

Coffee shop poets- SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU SUCK! No one likes you stupid poems, they are not deep and they do not reach anyone’s soul. They only make sense to you and the dumb bitch you call a girlfriend because her doctor won’t prescribe anything heavier. So you get to deal with her psychosis and she is forced to tell you how your crappy poems touch her like she has never been touched, and make her heart soar. So shut up and fuck off.

Teen age girls- Stop dressing like whores. The next time I see some pre-teen or just barely teen chick with “juicy” written on her ass I’m going to stick my finger in there and check the moisture level.

Teen age girl parents- Your daughters are whores. Cut and Dry. They suck the cocks of old guys for cash. Cash for sex=whore.

Wow I am really getting into the swing of things here.

By the way…NONE of my temps knew who Winston Churchill was. And I had such high hopes for the next gen!

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