Sunday, September 10, 2006


whew, what a long month this will be!!

It has been a long week capped by a long weekend.

My work schedule, for the next three weeks will be even more hectic than the last time I was thrown under the bus. I have a couple of guys that are supposed to be co-project managers with me on this current project and neither one of them seems to want to actually take control or make any decisions regarding the project, and I find myself becoming short of temper and angry towards them and the rest of the work force.

I am being well compensated for this endeavor into something I hate but I don’t know how long I will be able to contain my frustrations. We have 3 short weeks to create 4550 kiosks and most of the parts are slow getting to us and I have to do to much to keep this on track and profitable.

I will need a ton of drugs to make this work. Not evil go fast drugs but more along the lines of Xanax. I will need a ton of Xanax.

I just finished watching a “The Incredibles” and being one of the few people in cyber space that has seen a picture of Clarity I can say without a doubt she looks just like the blonde woman that works for Syndrome. Remarkable likeness.

My dad came to spend the weekend with us for his 24th annual Navy reunion that was held here in KC. He was pretty disappointed none of the guys he knew on board ship showed up, but he did meet some others that were either on the ship while he was there ad he didn’t know them or they were on before or after, his stint, and they were able to swap stories. Most of the people there reminded me of people trying to put on airs regardless of their station in life. My dad is very black and white kind of guy. If your standing bullshit he’ll call you on it, these people liked to hear themselves talk and it reminded me of a bad high school reunion movie. All of the wives were like a bunch of hens who strutted around and looked down their noses at people and if you weren’t in on the secret from the beginning then there was no room for you now.

I hate those people. My dad hates those people. We wish we could spike the punch with ex-lax, no that might actually help these old people, maybe Viagra and Spanish fly. Scare the old women and fuck up the hearts of the old men.

Anyway I will be too busy to much more then post angry 10 word posts about how my work situation sucks ass, but I will try to keep up on my reading.

Good luck to all of the people who joined the football pool. It looks like a fun year in the making!

Go Raiders!

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