Wednesday, September 27, 2006


What's that smell?

Sorry weirdos I needed to remove that picture because it was making me sick.

Something else that has been turning my stomach lately is the smell coming off of the sewage treatment plant off must have been a big week for egg salad because everyone's shit in the northland smells like egg salad.

We had a break in at our seperate warehouse yesterday morning/Monday night. The dummies cut the security chain off of the automatic gate and then proceeded to cut the locks off of 4 trailers we have stuffed with old crap. Luckily for us it is completely worthless shit that even a crackhead couldn't sell, but they did happen to get one of the Sirius Satellite Radio kiosks that we built for Wal Mart. Here is the nifty part. Those things were all dummies and there is a homemade MP3 player in each one that only plays the 4 tracks that we built to explain the Sirius system to shoppers. So basically they got a $350 peice of plastic, that is worthless unless you plan on selling a radio to someone.

HAHA fuckers!

So it is back to the grind today and the temps are really starting to shape up and do my bidding even though they still need people to tell exactly the same thing every day. It is like working with alzhiemers patients day in and day out.

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