Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Temp Master

I must be getting soft in my old age.

After just three days of production I let my temps off early and I bought them lunch.

I had a couple go home sick, and a few no shows…which is why they are temps, they don’t have the skills or will power to hold a long term job, and the day before I played hard ass to see if I could rattle them and apparently I did, hence the no shows and the leaving before the pizza got here.

But needless to say I am still on schedule and I will make the deadline and all will be happy in the land of bank accounts.

On a side note, we have had a bird now for a few months, I don’t know if I have mentioned this fact but she is such a little weirdo. Just a second ago she was imitating the clock…yes she was ticking in time with our living room clock.

The little freak.

Ok now for my rant.

I was told Monday that I was too abusive and abrasive when it came to the temps and I tried to defend myself by saying that they don’t listen any better than my stupid bird and I find myself repeating what I say 5-10 times to get them to do it right. And each and every time I get a little louder because I hate to repeat myself, and I hate people who don’t listen. So there was a lot of hating going on last week and this week as well. But after I was told to stop being a dick, I listened, because I have mad skills like that and the people stopped doing bad things and started producing the kiosks in numbers that I can live with. So I just make sure that the team has everything it needs and occasionally I jump in and do a spot check but for the most part all I have to do is supervise and watch….not just the temps but also the other “supervisors”. They are doing a good job considering that they have never worked for my company before a couple of months ago, well one guy, the other guy is a friend of an uncles of the companies owner or something but they are really cool.

So I think my not being a dick has caused my blood pressure to stay normal and apparently my job easier.

But I think that without being a dick at first they would have never gotten the idea that I was deadly serious when I said I’d can their asses on the spot if they didn’t start getting it right….well that and weeding out the bad apples is an excellent tactic, even some that I had no immediate problem with so that the rest know that I’m not fucking around.

But now no one fucks up and I am calm and can just go about my day, doing my part and waiting for my old job to come back to me which sounds like Oct. When I have to go to Minneapolis MN for a big meeting with Best Buy. But until then call me the Temp Master.

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