Friday, September 22, 2006


News from the land of temp

The saga continues.

Yesterday we had a visit from one of our illustrious bond reclamation teams sent to us to gather up one of their strays, one of my better temp workers. As they walked through the front door one of the OTHER temps say the shiny badge around one of the bounty hunters necks and her and her boyfriend sprinted out the back door.

I love my job.

It seems that my guys aren’t the most upstanding citizens in KC and ½ of them spend their breaks and lunch going over exit and entry strategies with their lawyers.

I have two weeks left on this supervisory gig and if I have to re-train 3 people because they couldn’t stay off of the grid long enough to do the job I’m gonna lose my freaking mind! Right now we are on schedule and it is looking like we can make everything happen according to the contract set before us, however if there is any more delays then I will be forced to take their weekends away and that means I lose mine as well ands that is totally unacceptable.

I had a short but poignant talk with both parties and told them that I didn’t care about whatever it is they might have done but that they needed to get it straightened out toot sweet because I can’t afford to lose them. I hope that they took it to heart because they are really ok people who are just too dumb to make the right life choices.

Other than that I’m pretty groovy….well for being an overly tired, sore, cranky, what did Myra call me?, oh yeah Curmudgeon. All things considered I’m doing allright, making good grades, my future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.

On a new topic…

Two days ago two young men lead a cop on a high speed chase that ended up with them wrecking and killing themselves and the two people they wrecked into. The media has portrayed them as the victims because the cops were chasing them.

I am so tired of this scenario, the criminals are NEVER the VICTIMS! If you run, you will get chased! If you don’t want to go to jail, don’t do the crime! It is very simple! If I was in charge of this case I would force the family’s of these two assholes to pay restitution to the families of the two innocent people they killed. Not that that would bring them back, but when law enforcement is doing their jobs as laid out by the decent people of this society then I don’t see why society should foot the bill for criminal activity.

These two ass-hammers are on their way to hell and if I was a cartoonist I would have a picture of the accident scene with the two innocent victims souls floating up wondering whether or not the other two made it and the two criminals heading down wondering the same thing, as flames are tickling their feet.

I fucking hate the liberal media and their “oh those boys were just misunderstood, the bad police shouldn’t have been chasing them BOO HOO”, well fuck that noise man!

I say we give cops the sniper creed and let them loose on all criminals “No need to run, you’ll only die tired”

Enjoy the weekend.

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