Sunday, September 17, 2006


Asleep at the wheel.........

For the next two and ½ weeks I will be in charge of a group of temps that are building the Sirius Satellite kiosks for Radioshack. For every Radioshack in the country. That is 4550 stores. So in a month or two go to your local Radioshack and you can see some of what me and my company does. Once again my bosses have set me up to fail and saddled me with unattainable goals..anyone want to work at my company?? I need a slower/betterjob?
All last week and most of the week before I trained and organized a group of temps and what we call “friend and family temps”, people that we found that are either related to or are friends of people that work with me.

The Friend and Family temps are an exceptional bunch of people, they number around 10. The other 10-12 people that are working under me are temps from a temp agency and they are exactly what you would expect, lazy, dumb, annoying, and are making me so pissed off that I had to have a come to Jesus meeting with them last Thursday when we went from building 174 kiosks on Wednesday to 75 kiosks on Thursday. I need to make a minimum of 250 a day to meet our project end date and so that I get my bonus.

On a side note I will get a pretty sizable bonus for making that date. However it will mean working more that 12 hours a day everyday and some Saturdays. I am so tired right now that I am nodding off while I type this.

I spent the last weekend driving across the state of Kansas for a wedding and to pick up a new steering column for my pile of shit truck which had broke down yet again. BUT I now have a new (for me) steering column in my truck, and it only cost me $25 and my Saturday afternoon installing it. Naturally when it was in it didn’t work right away, which is the biggest problem with owning a 30 year old vehicle, parts are generally used and need all most as much TLC as the rest of the vehicle.

So if I can talk Bouby into an early bed time I will forgo my usual 8 fingers of rum and caffeine free Dt. Coke and just go to bed at 8:00.

My K-State Wildcats won---Good
My Oakland Raiders look like a bad flag football team---Bad.
Blue Xanax are stronger than pink Xanax---Good
My Left leg is swollen ½ again as big as usual and my knee has no cartilage left in it—Bad


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