Monday, August 28, 2006



It Rained.

It rained a lot.

Some areas of KC Metro got 8” of rain.

Me and Bouby were volunteering at the JAYCEE booth, at Parkville days, to help drum up new recruits and let the community know that the JAYCEES is still a viable and helpful organization.

We were wet and muddy for 2 ½ days. BUT we had a lot of fun and made some good contacts. So not all was a wash…pardon the pun.

I did meet a guy that has had a “Forrest Gump” with out the dumbness style life experience. From 1945-1948 he was in the navy as a meteorologist, he traveled over 400,000 miles of ocean and on every single ocean on the planet. He knocked over Harry S. Truman wearing only a towel while Harry was the standing President, he traveled to Antarctica twice, once with the Bird expedition. He was a fascinating man who spent 3 years at sea. I am going to try and hook him up with a friend of a friend who is a screen writer, I would like to see this guy’s life on the silver screen.

Missed all of the pre season football games and haven’t started working out like I told myself I needed to, or I would blow up and die. So Situation Normal All Fucked Up.

I did buy a new palm pilot, it has wi-fi and Bluetooth and I’m excited to be able to have the worlds smallest laptop. It also plays movies, naturally the fist clip I put on it to test it was some porn…it is funny to see porn on the tiny screen.

I really don’t have any controversies going on, I also have seemed to lost my ability to be as angry as I used to, seems that lack of sleep, and stress will do that to you, take the edge right off.

I don’t know why I’m not sleeping as well as I should be, I mean I am still sleeping but I wake up sore and tired like I have been fighting in my dreams or something. I need to relax more and stop watching so much late night TV.

Here are some more random pictures.

Aluminim can art. This is what you have to look forward to in redneck retirement. Drink beer and make airplanes out of empties....then travel around and bullshit with other rednecks and sell them your trash,made into windmills and airplanes. Nicely constructed trash...yet still trash.

equivilent of a JonBenet Ramsy beauty contest Missouri Redneck style. Dress your little girls up to look like the trailer tramps they are destined to grow as and parade them around in front of all of the trailer people.....weirdos.

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