Sunday, August 20, 2006


Weekend in Review

First I'd like to welcome some visitors from the KC Royals....I don't know if they are players or if they are part of the support staff, but in any case Welcome to Smells like Bullshit. If you spent as much time practicing as you do blogging you might win a few more games though....I'm kidding!! You boys in Blue are a bunch of swell guys.

I’m sure that everyone has seen all of the rubber debris littering our highways and byways, and I know we all know how it gets there but until Friday afternoon I have never seen how it got there live in person.

I was driving home from work, (a whole different headache) when the tractor trailer in the lane next to mine blows a tire. Scared the shit out of me, I swear I was ducking and looking around for the shooter. I thought that there was a highway gunman picking people off in a bad case of road rage. Then I spotted the tire as it started to break apart and scatter itself all over the highway. Very cool in a scary “I hope I don’t die trying to avoid giant tire parts on the highway while driving 80 MPH”
This weekend has been one of total relaxation. New pain killers and a fresh bottle of rum and I am a sloth.

Work wants me to put my clients on hold for three weeks, stop selling and be a half assed project manager to ride herd over a team of temps…which is the equivalent of driving the short bus to the Kansas City school for the lazy and retarded. It does mean making an ok bonus as well as switching from salary to hourly and getting $20/hour including OT and guaranteed 60 hour work weeks. So since I’m a big hairy pussy, I will do it, and I will smile the whole time as I plot my way out of this company.

C’mon Lotto Numbers!!

On my other deal, the one that I will hopefully be using to become semi retired within a year, well I think I have facilitated the contacts to make this happen. The manufacturing company that I found, wants to play nice and could be looking to give us the remainder of the cash needed to make our product, and then get it into their channel sales arena. They are talking 500,000 units a year multiplied by $99.00 equals approx 5 million in annual sales, and our cut will be anywhere from 5-15% which is $250,000-$750,000/year divided by 4. Which is a WHOLE hellava lot more than I make now. And if I do get this gig and we do end up selling these things you can bet your ass that I will be at the gym/golf course every day, as promised.

But for now I have to keep my fat ass bent to the will of the man as he uses it as a glory hole and I don’t even get a reach around.

Fuck I need therapy.

Here are some random pictures from the airport:

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