Thursday, August 03, 2006


very tired

It is now 1:20 am EST and mostly our work has ground to a stand still due in large by lack luster project management.

None of the PM’s assurances that what he has done in the past VS what I know to be truths have come to happen. IE: using a 4” hole saw to cut vents in the bottom of a Craftsman tool chest for the massive heat dissipation needed to keep the computers cool. I was assured that in the past the PM has drilled ½ “ into a steel “I” beam before he realized it, and that the thin gauge steel of a tool box would be no problem.

Boy was he wrong.

It has taken the better part of an hour to use the 4” hole saw to mark up the tool box where we would like the air vents to be, and the try to cut them out with an 18 volt jigsaw.

I would rather drive 10 penny nails into my cock with a ball peen hammer then this.

My skull is splitting in twain…

I also got to christen a pristine porta-potty it was like dropping a bowling ball from a step ladder into a kiddy pool. It is now 3:30am EST. I’m going to take a power nap and wait for Home Depot to open.

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