Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Suicide is painless, it brings on many changes....

Does anyone have a gun I can borrow?

Just for a minute?...Anyone?

Here is a treat for everyone!

Come back often today and see how many times I can post in 10 hours.

Why 10 hours you ask?

Well because I have to DRIVE to Indianapolis IN. today and it is a 10 hour drive from KC. Why? Well it is the continuation of the fucked up mess that kept me on the road for all of June and part of July…that’s right I’m off to another NASCAR track.

But Nightmare, if you are driving how will you be able to update repeatedly?

I have the company’s new Sprint “Air Card” in my lap top and I’m going to try and make it work while we are moving down the road. If it does work I’ll post pictures of the traveling fuckup and post them as I tool on down the road in my U-Haul filled with crap.

So it should prove to be an interesting time. See I have Friday Off because of a meeting I have that would help facilitate my early retirement, and a family reunion. What my current boss doesn’t realize is that this meeting is so important to me that I will quit my job, just to get to it. And by that I mean walk off the job site and rent a car to drive back to KC. Even if my plane gets delayed in Chicago, I will be back in KC long enough to pick up my clothes and get to the meeting.

So look for some groovy road pics and some vile filled hate speeches on why it was such a good idea to send the salesman who just landed a 500K+ contract with a speaker company on the road for 10 hours with his thumb up his ass.

Not that I mind the thumb up my ass it kinda feels nice.

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