Monday, August 07, 2006


Home Again, Home Again

Monday morning and all is right with the world.

The meeting I had on Friday went extremely well and we are looking forward to more of those meetings. I hope to give some great news, later on this year. As in “Hey I’m retiring!” but that isn’t going to happen this week. As inventors, we are finding it is harder to sell a good idea than a bad product.

No matter how good the idea is it doesn’t have a sales record and no one wants to take a huge risk in marketing something that doesn’t have a sales record. You could have the cure for cancer and if it doesn’t have a solid sales record behind it, no one will touch it without a ton of caveats. But we are moving in the right direction, and soon we will have a production product and a sales stream.

As for the road trip…if I have to go out and do that shit again it will be too fucking soon. I can’t believe how grueling it is to work 39 hours straight. I’m getting really old. I used to be able to do 3-4 days without too much sleep, now one 39 hour work day and I need a nap. The drive out there, as you can see was long and silly, I have a few more pictures, like the GINORMOUS steel cross that pops out of nowhere when you round a particular bend in the road.

And one of the holes we had to cut in the tool boxes for air flow.

But after that I was way to busy hurrying up and waiting that I couldn’t find the time to take any more pics. The flights home were a complete fucking nightmare if I do say so myself. We are driving in a huge thunder storm DELUGE and naturally more morons that should be allowed are out driving slow in the fast lane and gawking at the sky wondering where that wet stuff comes from and if it is necessary to have so much of it come at the same time.

Our plane was scheduled to leave at 7:57 pm with a connecting flight in Chicago to get us back to KC at 11:37pm Thursday night. Well we were delayed an hour due to weather from Indy. We thought how cool is this we now don’t have a 2 hour lay over in Chi-town we just have an hour to walk from one end of O’Hare to the other because why would you want connecting flight close to each other? I mean how in the hell are you going to impulse shop if you don’t walk the 6.78 miles from United to American? They would hate to have you miss any opportunity to buy a $5.00 candy bar, or possibly a shot glass, made in china complete with brain retarding lead paint.

So we are waiting in Indy and they finally call for our plane to board. It is then we notice we are walking OUTSIDE to get on a plane. I haven’t done this since I was on a commuter flight from SFO to Chico when I was getting recruited to play football. And you know what it is the same fucking plane. A cigar tube with wings. A hot dog casing with engines. If you don’t know the plane I am referring to such a small plane that they have two seats on one side and one side on the other and the whole thing hold like 30 people. So as I am walking up the stairs to get in this tiny avionic masterpiece, I notice how short the ceiling is. I’m standing on the landing and I can look over the top of the plane. Just like my pick up. Did I mention I’m 6’2” and weigh in at oh lets say 325, because I’m feeling slim this morning. Do you realize how much tiny planes would bother me?

The whole flight is 47 min. gate to gate so I endure. When we get to the terminal in O’Hare, we find our Sherpa guides and start the trek to the other side of the planet, what the natives call “notgoingontimeville” I think it means “to sleep in old uncomfortable chairs” Since we had a different flight as well as a different airline we had to check in AGAIN! So we find the first American Airlines ticket counter, after spending a hard 3 days wandering around the terminal, I think our guide was drunk or stoned because I swear we passed the same kiosk a dozen times. So we order up our tickets, they were first class and we were looking forward to a nice leisurely ride home with cocktails and possibly a nap.

Our flight was delayed 2 hours.


So now we had a departure of 11:20 pm with a flight time of 1.5 hours. My possible life changing meeting was going to take place at 9:30 am the next day and I had to be there as well as be semi well rested. This was pissing me off. So we all sat waiting….finally we were informed as to why we were waiting.

The crew was stuck in Dallas because of the weather. So we waited, 11:20 came and went, 11:40 came and went 11:45 came and we were told to get on the plane and do it quickly so that we would be able to leave because the whole crew was going to go “Illegal” in a matter of minutes.

“The whole crew is going to turn into Mexicans and Canadians in a matter of minutes?” I thought, that was damn powerful magic now. So we certainly didn’t want our plane to be flown by illegal aliens so the entire DC-9 was boarded and luggage stowed and everyone was buckled in 10 minutes. I think that was a record.

Another record was the flight time. The Captain wasn’t fucking around this time. What normally is a 1.5 hour flight gate to gate ……we made it in 59 mins. 12:05 am to 1:04 am. That captain didn’t want to spend one more fucking second in the air and he wasn’t afraid to burn the fuel.

Needless to say Bouby was not happy, I was cranky and unwashed not to mention tired, and I made my meeting which brings us to the start of this entry.

Oh and this is kinda cool;
I'm getting famous!

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