Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Fun with google maps

Here is something cool I have found. I don’t know how many people employ the use of a site meter, but the one I have installed for this site has some pretty cool features. Some people will find this disturbing and I don’t blame you but in all reality it is just plain cool.

If you have a site meter and it is cool enough to have Longitude and Latitude listed for individual people visiting your web site you can look into their neighborhood.

Take a second to open my site meter in a second window and then click on the tab on the left side of the screen that says “By World Map”. You will see a map of the world with green and white dots all over it showing the places that people who visit live….or a close proximity. If you click on one of these individual green dots, it will bring up that persons information, like IP address, location, operating system …all the geek stuff. You will also have a Long. And Lat. Number, copy and paste that number into the Google Maps website (stupid link wouldn't work) and it will show you a close up of where they are coming from. Here is the real cool part. Switch your view from Maps to Satellite, and it will show you a picture of where the area where they live.

I know it is kinda big brotherish but it doesn’t zoom in on a particular house, just where the main router signal originates from, so it gets within a ¼ mile of who ever is checking out your pages. This probably going to freak out a lot of people but I can spend hours on end looking at the different places that people live. There is someone in England, who has a Groovy neighborhood and one of these days I wouldn’t mind visiting, there is also some places in Australia that I have had a birds eye view of that look extremely cool.

So give it a shot and I hope no one freaks out so much that they stop coming by. That would eliminate my ability to vacation in my head and imagination. But I also thought it was cool enough to share. The one from KC at or around 7:00am CST that is my work and you have to really surf over the whole scene to find my building, but since I know where it is I can get there pretty quick.

What a fun ass time waster.

Tell your friends.

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