Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Death of a Player

Yesterday I buried a friend of mine.

My best friends father had been trying to drink himself to death for the last three years and last Wednesday he succeeded. He got so drunk that he slipped into a diabetic coma….he wasn’t diabetic, but the alcohol made his blood sugar drop to a 17, it is supposed to be around 80. He died peacefully and on his own terms.

Senior (Because my best friend is Junior), Senior was a hard working hard playing man about town. I knew he and his friends pretty much ran or knew who ran all of the vices in Manhattan Kansas. I know what you’re thinking, “how many vices can Manhattan Kansas have?”. Well there is an army base less than 20 minutes away, Kansas State University is there, and it is the biggest “city” in 5 counties, so everyone goes there to shop and see a picture show…(Yes I know it is hick, I did that on purpose!)

So yesterday’s funeral was like a who’s who of Players. I wish there would have been a documentary film crew there. They could have called it “Players Ball Wild West”. I haven’t seen so many old school pimps and players in one room in my life. There was even a contingent of cops in attendance. The best part was the way these pimps were dressed. There was more pin striped suits and alligator shoes and hats then a rerun of Starsky and Hutch. One cat had on a burnt orange pin striped suit, the kind with a long coat, and a matching Pork Pie hat, a full carat diamond ear ring and more rings then Mr. T.

Is there any question why I loved this man and his family?

Sr, was well loved and respected, he was my savior at least once in my youth I wrote about it a long time ago on my D-land account and I will try and find it and make a link, but in short he, without asking questions, jumped out of bed drove across town and was prepared to beat the shit out of a whole frat house with a baseball bat, just because my dumb ass did something stupid and he was protecting me.

Anyway Nutchie, where ever you ended up, I hope they have a good dice game and a fresh deck of cards waiting for you, just try and not cheat any of the angels out of their wings, they tend to get a little pissy when you do that.


If you live in the KC area, you more than likely know that some twisted ass hammer has admitted to killing at least 7 people and crushing up their bones and scattering them on his lawn. Bouby and I were thinking that was a pretty good idea. So we are going to tell the cops that we murdered a whole bunch of people and buried them in our flower bed in front of our house.

That way when the cops come to look for the evidence they will be forced to weed and dig up that fucking jungle and we will be able to finally plant something that looks nice.

I mean they are doing a fantastic job of digging up that other guys yard, it just seems like the best way for us to get some free landscaping.

I wonder if they would do the planting for us too?

Since Clarity and WCG liked the random Airport pics here are a bunch more:

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