Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Chaos, panic, and disorder - my work here is done.

One year later and people are still living below sea level.

Ray Nagin is a racist.

There I said it.

Our president is dumber than a bag of hair clippings

Not really news.

The Governor of Louisiana, she is a twit.

Shocking? Not really.

Riddle me this Batman, why hasn’t someone just brought in a thousand bull dozers and a few hundred dredging barges and started to fill in the hole we call New Orleans? Speaking of which what happened to “old” Orleans, did it sink in the ocean? Back to the rant.

So, if we dredged up all of that silt and Mississippi mud from the river and started to knock down all of those houses and so called “Historical” shanties, wouldn’t that make for a good foundation to build Rays dream of a Chocolate city? Make a huge “berlin-esque” retaining wall right there on the beach and then start back filling the entire hole they call a city and as they do this the put in MODERN plumbing and electrical and other conveniences, IE: nice roads and boat docks, and build a truly NEW Orleans, ABOVE sea level!

Novel concept? Too farfetched? Maybe, but it has to be better than listening to the whiny fucking lazy cocksuckers who were dumb enough to live in a bowl under water.

That is like an Eskimo who builds his igloo on the ice and then when spring hits and the ice breaks up, and all of his shit washes out to sea, he demands that the government repay him.

That doesn’t happen and neither should this mess. I’m sorry that people died in the hurricane, but at least you had 5 FUCKING DAYS OF WARNINGS! When the tornados hit the Midwest we feel grateful when we get 30 mins of warnings. If someone were to tell me that My city was going to be hit with a world class tornado, and there would be almost complete devastation….I would take the time off work and go visit my relatives or friends that live else where, hell I might just go camping for a week. But I sure the fuck wouldn’t sit there and say,” really total devastation? Yeah well I’m sure that your years of study and training has made you an expert in the eyes of experts but I’m not leaving my house, I’ll be fine…hurricane schmuricane”

I see Dumb People

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