Friday, July 21, 2006


A new brand of hate identified

Yesterday I was having a conversation with some people I work with and we were listening to the radio and in the middle of the song one of them turned the station.

Now I’m not a channel flipper, nor am I an audiophile, hell my truck only has a hole where the radio used to be. I don’t understand channel flipping. I respect channel flipping, and I would never get angry at a channel flipper, but I liken it to someone who won’t eat certain foods.

I eat all foods, I’m not fond of some things but placed in front of me I will generally eat it because “Hey maybe the last time it wasn’t the foods fault, maybe it is just the cooks fault”

But back to my discussion with the co-workers. They are adamant audiophiles, and one of them doesn’t listen to any radio stations. “If it isn’t indie rock it isn’t worth listening to”. I like to give her shit because those indie rock guys would give their left nut to be as main stream as..oh say…the Rolling Stones. 300 bucks a ticket? Getting their bills paid by an accountant instead of UPS or what ever day job they happen to have at the moment, they would totally sell out just to BE on the RADIO!

So I bring up the fact that I don’t understand channel flipping, and it isn’t that I don’t respect the people doing it, because hey, that is why there are two knobs on the radio, and they tell me that there are certain songs, or bands that they HATE! Nay, LOATHE and that their lives will be worse off if they wait the 2-3 minutes for the next song and they have to flip the channel.

This is a new definition for me.

Most people think I am very opinionated, and that for the most part I am angry and bitter. In most cases they would be right. But as soon as more people agree that I am right and their way of thinking is dumb, well the less bitter and angry I’ll be.

HOWEVER! This hate that consumes channel flippers, burns at such an intensity that they MUST. CHANGE. CHANNEL. NOW BEFORE. HEAD. EXPLODES. Is a whole different level of hate. I have the patience to wait a couple of minutes and then the hate goes away. I do not just seethe with so much hate that I feel the need to change my environment every 2-3 minutes to try and keep the hate at bay.

I mean really that is the blackest of all hate right there. Satan doesn’t hate that much.

So if you are a channel flipper, I suggest you get some counseling so you won’t snap one day and start roughing up Dan Rather yelling in his face, “What’s the Frequency Kenneth??” whilst beating him up.

Really, go get some help.

I’ll wait.

I’ll wait right here with my controlled anger and hate, not flipping the channel, just rocking back and forth, wondering where my socks went.


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