Monday, July 17, 2006


Irony Defined and more war!

Last Friday as I was driving around Independence MO, I saw a new definition of irony.

A family of Japanese tourists taking pictures and posing for pictures in front of the Harry Truman house.

I know! Weird huh? I don’t know if I would be all smiley and wanting to take pictures in front of the home where the guy who ordered the nuclear bomb dropped on my country, not once but twice. It is just a little to much for me. But then again, it did seem to get them out of their funk and make them into the building buying, math wizards, miniature making electronics, and dirty porn making geishas.

So the weekend brought some mediocre excitement, Bouby and I did spend Friday night at the casino, after 3 hours her winning streak broke even with my losing streak and we left almost ahead, (if you don’t count cocktails and dinner). Hung posters for an upcoming Art and Craft Fair that our chapter of JAYCEES is hosting, so if you are arty or crafty, or just have something you want to sell, and are in the KC area, let me know via email and I’ll get you the info.

The Midwest is in the grips of a heat wave with temperatures that we haven’t seen in a couple of years, this whole week is going to be topping 100 degrees and humidity levels will be running in the high 70’s to the low fuckitisfuckingsticky out, I don’t mind the heat so much it is the fucking stupidity I can’t stand.


I haven’t spent as much time studying the conflict in the middle east like I probably should be, but it seems like the brown people in the sand have been arguing over their “holy land” for a couple thousand years, and the only time we give a shit is when our oil supply is under threat to be shut off. Why don’t we just take that piece of land from those people? I mean really, we have been the worlds policeman for the last 60+ years and I think it is time to become the mother. You know the mother that I grew up with who at the drop of a hat would snatch away any toy that I and my brothers were fighting over.

She would warn us once or twice, and then she would take it away and if we were lucky we would get it back in the next week or so. If we weren’t it was GONE never to be seen again.

Why can’t we do that?

We could just send everyone over there and be all “You have been fighting over this toy for to long and you’re standing on my last good nerve! Now give it up, or you ALL get the belt! Then we put Bill Gates or Warren Buffett in charge, they know how to make money, and are just ruthless enough to make it work. Or me, I could do it…well except that it is really fucking hot over there. But besides that it would be kinda fun to be the mommy.

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