Friday, July 07, 2006


I need anger management classes...

One of the biggest problems I have with other people is their lack of taking responsibility for their own actions. I know there are a lot of people out there who do and I respect that. It is something my parents taught me from an early age, if you fuck up you face the consequences. Period. Bottom line. No questions asked.

The people that don’t do this chap my ass so bad I want to vent that anger on to them with great vengeance and wrath via fisticuffs and swift kicks to the groin. Kenny Lay, ripped of millions of people, then had the audacity to die before sentencing. He never once said “Fuck I got caught, I’m sorry, here is all of your money back and I’ll let you use my wife as a fuck doll for the next 10 years”

He BELIEVED he did nothing wrong, he had convinced himself that he was somehow entitled to all of that cash. Well I hope he rots in hell.

Just the other day I made a potentially huge mistake. I picked up an outgoing envelope and put it on the desk of the guy who was trying to send it oput. See I had misread the label and thought it was in coming and the DHL driver was too lazy to walk up the flight of stairs to deliver it. (In my defense we NEVER use DHL so I was confused was still cleaning up the craftsman mess, so I was a little heat stroked.) Point is when the sender sent out an email to the entire company sarcastically thanking the party responsible for almost fucking up his whole day, I replied with an OOPS my bad I fucked up email. And I didn’t just send it to him I made sure the whole organization knew who fucked up and why and that I was sorry to have done that. I took responsibility for the mistake.

I didn’t have too because no one knew who did it I was a ninja, No one but me and my Gods knew that I did this dastardly deed. Why did I confess? Why did I come forward with a public apology for fucking up? BECAUSE IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!

Some people around here would have rather lied or not came forward, they do it all the time. The make a HUGE fucking mistake and then come back in like nothing happened and that they weren’t at fault. They never offer an apology of an explanation. They feel that they are entitled to resume their job functions as if nothing had happened. These people make my ass twitch.

I don’t want to name names or point fingers but I do know that I needed to vent and I am still a little pissed off after this venting. There are several millions of other people who don’t take responsibility for their actions that piss me the fuck off, like bad parents who blame everyone else for their kids behavior and not themselves. Or the Liberals who blame society for the rise in crime and that if we had more social programs we would have a nicer nation, and what we really get is a nation of fucking worthless lazy cock slaves who would rather sit on their asses and collect their fucking check rather then work.

I also hate the soccer moms and football dads who don’t let their kids know early on that some kids aren’t meant to play football/soccer, and that losing is a part of life. If you are a parent and you cause or get into a fist fight at your kids sporting event you need to stop breeding and check yourself into some sort of parenting college, or rehab.

Man I could rant like this for hours on end. I won’t but I could.

Bottom line is stop acting like a jackass and more than likely people will quit treating you like a jackass. Respect is earned not given, and for fucks sake take responsibility for your actions. Do it now, I am armed and will to shoot. I wouldn’t kill you necessarily but I would make you walk with a limp.

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