Sunday, July 23, 2006


I just love my Saturdays

Saturday morning 6:00 am.

I have been up for almost an hour, I have a big day planned. Bouby needs to register her car and I am helping a friend get a pick up load of dirt for he and his wife’s flower garden. I also need to keep cleaning the garage and rec room to be so I can start working out more often, and so I will know where all of my tools are.

6:30 am

I hear water running, “wow Bouby is up early”

7:00 am

“Holy Crap it has been a ½ an hour, she must have went back to bed.”

7:30 am

I need a drink and to water the dogs. Strange, there is no water coming out of the tap. I panic. Maybe the water running I heard an hour ago was a pipe breaking. I wake up Bouby…”Honey, we have a problem” I show her the empty taps in the master bath. She is immediately awake.

“Did you check the pipes downstairs?” Not yet I reply.

7:35 am

No pipes are leaking in the basement. “Maybe the meter is broken like it did in 2003” We walk outside and check the yard. Our street is soaked, but there is no fountain in our yard.

7:45 am

Neighbor Bob comes out and says” wow when you water your lawn you really water your lawn!!” We are confused. He goes on to inform me that he was up at 4:30 and we had a flood pouring out of the end of our driveway. The water main had broken.

Under our driveway.

8:30 am City shows up with back hoe and three trucks. The rest in pictures.

We had to move our cars to a neighbors yard! Thanks "Bob"!

The Back Hoe

The Dumptruck

Starting the saw.

The Back Hoe breaking our driveway into manageable chunks.

The hole under our driveway that was blasted by the water main breaking straight down, was almost 20 feet deep. It looked like a well. The little feller you see up to his neck and beyond, told the rest of the workers that he needed to get a truck of rock in there before he worked on the pipe, because if he fell into the hole he was GONE! (he was only 5’5” or so, and yeah he would have been lost to the world down under.

So needless to say we didn't get a whole lot done on Saturday. But we did make up for it on Sunday when we Cleaned the entire fucking garage.

Sorry for a glimpse into the mundane everyday crap of my life, but hey we can't be all angry all the time, we would spontaneously combust.

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