Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Government Bullshit at it's finest....

"Liz": Write about how ridiculous it is that people can jump a fence in Texas and live illegally in the US for years but legitimate people with real jobs that marry Canadians can't get their husband into the country without two years worth of paperwork, a lawyer, and $10,000.
Me: $10,000?

"Liz": We paid $385 for the original app, then $75 to tell them how much money I make, then $185 for the Visa app and another $100 after the interview for a Visa issuance fee...not to mention the $300-500 we will spend to stay in Montreal while they process his crap
Me: Fuck, that is worse than Clarity’s ordeal.

This conversation started when I asked my friend "Liz" what I should write about since I have nothing exciting going on in my life. Then I told her to just type the whole story and I’d post it here, because it is a long and horrible tale of woe. So tomorrow, expect a ghost writer and you’ll learn all about the harrowing ordeals of marrying a Canuck. I mean besides the obvious!

I’m teasing "Liz", you know I love your hubby!

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