Wednesday, July 12, 2006




That is the cost of not stopping traffic on the Truman bridge.

Well that and an hour of my time. BUT, I got the new “universal” battery tray into place after my drive home Monday and since then I have had some raving successes.

Nothing that I can go into here but lets just say I’m two meetings away from retirement. I figure if Pro Athletes can retire when they are 38 then fuckitall so can I.


Last Friday Bouby and I went to a sprint car race.

Yes I know they all still practice the time honored tradition of turning left and doing it really fast. But unlike their older more expensive cousin NASCAR these guys have a TINY track, it is generally made of dirt and they spend most of their time turning left AND going sideways. It is a much more enjoyable race. Plus they race 6-10 laps, and then the top three advance to race in the finals. They have “hot laps” which is like qualifying, but funner. And believe it or not there is a different class of red necks at these small time events.

Funny rednecks like this girl…

I know the picture is small and you can’t see what I am taking a picture of, all I had was my crappy camera phone, but she has a tattoo on her “ice cream dish” (small of a woman’s back) that is, and I kid you not, the “Lucky” Brand Logo. Well not the whole logo, just the word "Lucky" but in the same style and font.

Why she would have that tattooed there could only mean two things

1)she wants to let Back Door Johnny know how he should feel about being with her.
2)She wants to let everyone know how she feels about her ass.

I say number 2 because when she stood up and went to get some more semi warm, tasty drink of race fans everywhere, Bud Light, well I got a good look at the rest of her and her ass was definitely “god’s compensation” He HAD to give her a nice ass because the rest of her looked like a fucking car wreck. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her tattoo. It was embarrassing. For me anyway, I think she likes the stupidity of advertising a bad line of clothing for the rest of her life.

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