Monday, July 31, 2006


12 and holding....


I’m now 39.

Why is it that I don’t `feel 39? I can remember when I was a little kid and I asked my Mom how old I was going to be in the year 2000 and she replied “The same age I am now, 33” And I was all concerned because that seemed really fucking old! now it is 30 years ago ( I was never any good at math SHUT UP). I can still remember most of my child hood as if it were last week.

I think that is why old people always talk about the past so much it is because they remember everything so vividly.

Here is something that I think everyone should do at least once in their life, go back to your middle school, or Junior high, what ever you attended. Just go back to the building and walk through it. I did this when I was coaching a little league football team 10 years ago and it was amazing.

As soon as I hit the doors of the school I was hit full in the face with that industrial cleaner/pink shit they clean up puke with smell and I was 11 years old again. I took a walk around the school and the memories were crashing in on me so strongly that I was brought to the brink of tears. I didn’t cry because that would be a girl thing to do but I did get emotional.

FUCK OFF! I’m sensitive okay!

But as I walked the hallways I could remember every detail of the years 1980-1982. I remember the hostage crisis and the first Regan election, the Olympics, my first fist fight, my second fist fight, punching some kid in the head who was picking on my older brother,(he stopped after that, I don’t know if my older brother knows any of this, but ”T” if you’re reading this I was the reason David Farris quit picking on you.) I can remember getting sent to the principals office for breaking and entering, using my library card, the crushes on girls that were so strong it made my chest hurt, and I couldn’t breathe, the teachers who were more like friends even to this day, the teacher who kicked me out of his class when I asked if JFK had an open casket funeral (I was really into the details, he thought I was just a smart ass, I think he was right, well 50-50, maybe 60-40) I remembered so much walking those hallways it caused a window in my mind to open back up and relive a time that was innocent, and free.

Everyone needs to get that smell back into their noses, and have the past reopened for them.

I’m 39, and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings to my cache of memories.

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