Thursday, June 01, 2006


Redneck BE Gone

Are you tired of Rednecks?

Are they constantly hanging around and getting into your space?

Well not anymore!!

A new study has shown that Rednecks seem to be afraid of bumper mount umbrellas. I know it sounds crazy but just look at this ad! It clearly states that by purchasing this umbrella, that mounts into a standard reciever hitch and tilts you will be relieved of squinting AND rednecks!!

Redneck Remover

I can’t believe that for so many years I have been infested with rednecks and had no idea how to get rid of them until I came across this handy little device.

I want to test it out at the next NASCAR event. If it works my tailgating party will be an oasis in a sea of dumb.

They have found crawdads in Tel Aviv!

Now we will win the war for sure! If I only know one thing is that I'd put a pick truck full of rednecks on a Crawdad hunt against the entire middle east armed forces!

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