Sunday, June 04, 2006


Grass is good!

Why is it that when ever I have to shit, I have to blow my nose? Doesn’t my body know that even I don’t want to smell that?

Can I tell you how much I hate yard work? We figured an important rule of grass. See how it works is grass needs water to grow. Grass needs water to stay green and not look like really tall and fluffy dirt. But thankfully mother nature gives us rain and that keeps the grass nice and green, and growing.

But we don’t want that because that means we would have to mow, and do other forms of yard maintenance, so when it doesn’t rain we let nature take its course and let the grass go dormant…Ok we really just want it to die, but that seems so harsh to say about some of natures greatest substance. We also found a way to keep this grass coming back year after year as well. Because we hate yard maintenance so much we don’t do it very often, so the grass sometimes goes to seed.

I know it is lazy, but when we do cut the grass it is always lush and beautiful.

No more news on the psycho rapist murderer pair that I worked with except they have added child molestation charges to the ever growing list of reasons why they deserve the death penalty. AND get this, the kid was his own niece. Apparently the sister of the psycho doesn’t own a TV and had no idea that the whole state and the FBI were looking for this ass clown, so they agreed to meet him and his girlfriend for dinner and let the kid ride with Richard and Dena….OOPS!! they took the kid with them and then tried to OD and then wrecked the stolen/borrowed truck and then called 911 themselves.

I wish I would have had a gun, and a scanner, because I think I would be saving the state some money.

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