Friday, May 19, 2006


When in Doubt ...Give a shout out!

I wish I could wax on about my job more then I do. I don’t think my boss(s) would enjoy my spewing of anger and frustration as much as I would. I mean it is one thing to be like Rob, and get to wallow in somewhat obscurity in the New York nightclub scene, or The Waiter who has done a great job of protecting his identity and his bistro. But my job is in such a highly specialized, niche market, that if I was to talk about any of the stuff more than I already do the people who sign my paychecks might stop doing exactly that and then I would be in deep doo-doo.

The main reason I would like to talk and tell about my job is because we do some seriously cool things. But I can’t and as Charlie has reminded me if I don’t have anything to contribute….then don’t.

So I was playing Putt-Putt golf last night with the JAYCEES and out of the 6 people who actually showed up I kicked that ASS!! I totally spanked them. It was a good time by all. I also got a work out partner out of deal and I hope to drop a couple of tons so I will look extra sexy in my thong bathing suit.


Yeah, that gave ME the heebie jeebies too.

So this weekend is Bouby’s Birthday, and I think I’m going to blow a ton of cash on something like a giant ceramic grey hound, like Joey had on “friends”. I think she’ll really dig that!! Well it is either that or a years supply of those little trees you hang from your mirror so your car don’t smell. I can’t make up my mind.

I wanted to Thank Clarity for creating a unique and fantastic father’s day gift for me. I sent her this picture of my dad and she is going to make a charcoal portrait from it. I think it will make the old guy cry like a little girl with a skinned knee.

I love this picture of my Dad, he is 20 years old and on board ship in Formosa. If you look at the flag behind him it is kind of weird because it was before America Assimilated Hawaii and there are only 48 stars on it. Kind of Cool I think.

I want to encourage anyone who would like to give a groovy gift like this, to contact Clarity, not only is she a truly gifted artist her rates are more than reasonable.

Just don’t tell my Pops that he is getting this present….I want to surprise him!!

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