Tuesday, May 30, 2006


weekend in review

I was talking with Bouby yesterday morning about mandatory seat belt laws and seat belt checkpoints. We both feel that this “law” and these periodic checkpoints to try and enforce this law are not only silly but completely un-necessary.

Shut up. I can hear your internal dialog starting…

“But when stupid people don’t wear their seat belts the insurance rates go up, and that is a problem for everyone.”

Not if the insurance companies pulled the strings the right way. See what they aren’t doing is making policy that would make sense to everyone. Instead of making the state and federal lawmakers create a law that forces people to do something that more than ½ of them don’t want to do anyway. They should just make company policy that says…

Wait for it….

Wait for it….

“If you are in an accident and you are not wearing your seat belt then you only get 1/4th the money that your policy would pay if you were wearing your seat belt.”

Simple. Effective. And would work better than if you keep making laws and paying cops to try and enforce them when there are rapists and snuff filmmakers running amok.

This way if you are caught in a wreck and you have no insurance, then you go to jail. If you are in a wreck and NOT wearing your seat belt, then you only get a pittance. If you are wearing it well you get the kings reward for being a good subject and following the good sense laws.

Cheaper insurance for everyone. More people actually PAYING for the wrecks when they don’t have insurance.

What? What?What? Paying for the wrecks when they don’t have insurance? What do you mean by that? Well if they don’t have insurance they get sentenced to an Insurance “work” farm where they pay off the amount of the damage plus interest buy doing manual labor. Then the banks and insurance companies could team up and have contract labor forces to do all of the jobs that the illegal aliens are doing.

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